Free Guide to Boost TikTok Views, Likes, and Comments

Free Guide to Boost TikTok Views, Likes, and Comments

Efficiently Manage Multiple TikTok Accounts with Automation

This article provides a detailed guide on how to automate the management of 1000 TikTok accounts using the Auto Tool. This powerful tool allows you to perform tasks such as liking, following, and commenting automatically, saving you time and effort in managing multiple accounts simultaneously.

Steps to Increase Free Views, Likes, and Comments on TikTok:

1. Download Auto Tool:

Access the download link via [Telegram link] to download Auto Tool onto your computer.

2. Prepare Account List:

Create 1000 profiles using ADBLogin, an anti-detect browser, and log into your accounts.

3. Install Auto Tool:

Extract the downloaded Auto Tool file and follow the installation instructions.

How to Use Auto Tool to Boost TikTok Views, Likes, and Comments for Free:

1. Launch Auto Tool:

Open Auto Tool and select either “Mode 2” or “Mode 1” based on your needs.

2. Configure Settings:

  • Number of Threads: Enter the number of accounts to run simultaneously (maximum depends on your PC’s capacity).
  • Running Time: Set the running time for each thread (e.g., 5 to 10 minutes).
  • File Path: Choose the folder containing your TikTok account list.

3. Set Up Like/Follow/Comment Functions:

  • Like: Enable/disable the automatic like function.
  • Follow: Enable/disable the automatic follow function.
  • Comment: Enable/disable the automatic comment function.
  • Comment Content: Enter the desired comment content.
  • Comment Link: Input the link of the TikTok video/channel to comment on (optional).
  • Comment Ratio: Set the comment ratio for each account.

4. Channel Filtering Settings:

  • Channel Filter Link: Enter the link of the TikTok channel list to comment on (optional).
  • Keyword Filter: Enter keywords to filter videos by content (optional).

5. Start the Process:

Click the “Start” button to initiate the automation process.

Important Notes:

  • To ensure safety, use a proxy when running Auto Tool.
  • Split the account list into smaller parts to avoid server overload.
  • Monitor the Auto Tool’s activity and adjust settings as necessary.


With Auto Tool, you can easily automate the management of 1000 TikTok accounts using ADBLogin software, saving time and effort to focus on creating engaging content. Follow this guide to optimize your TikTok management effectively!

P.S.: Check out the videos for detailed instructions, as this text was written by AI and hasn’t been edited by me.

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